The discovery of the diary

I have always been in the dark , alone, i felt like something was missing in my lonely life until this day where the diarie appeared  in my hand and i felt so alive and concerned. I actually had something to live for because i finally found something that made me wanna wake up in the morning and live , I  never realized that i was living in freedom and peace, i should be proud of my people who fought for this freedom that we are not seiing. This diarie opened my eyes, it is a legacy that i should take care of. I discovered that my ancester  was   »Emily A.  Harriet » who was supposed to marry a general of the confederate force since she was living in georgia. Her parents told her to marry him but her heart didn’t belong to him but to a general of the  union states.  So thanks to this discovery, I decided to let people in and to share all these informations with everyone around the world. They have to know every single thing about the civil war and all the victims.


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