The diary « facts of the civil war »

« The American civil war opposed certain northern and southern states regarding slavery and the taxation of cotton exports, honestly I never agreed with my people because they were using poor innocents and poor people to do their work, I think it is lazy, selfish, and mean. Unlike us the northers forgot the notion of « slaves » wich is really great because they understood that it was wrong. They had workforce who worked for them like any normal person and with a regular salary. And our president, the anti slavery president Abraham Lincoln try his best to keep us united, but he failed. We survived thanks to cotton export and plantations wish are handled by slaves. Our population was very conservative , needed a lot of slaves but on the other hand the northern states are open minded and they’re fighting over abuse against slaves, mentally ill, and women’s empowerment. I admire them and respect them a lot, that’s how the united states have to be , damn!!  During this war, two systems came into competition: one founded on the servil work, the other on the liberty of the labor. Everyone wanted to impose themselves in the dominions of the West who promessed an unlimited expansion, it was the shambles!! In 1820 and in 1845 and 1854 again, a federal power controlled by us the southerners democrats had found a compromise who was more and more difficult that divided the New States in the two « sections » of the country. In november 1860, the election of the republican Abraham Lincoln (god bless him) prouved that the time of the procrastination was done. Lincoln wasn’t who was described by the southerners, but he was morally opposed to the slavery and determined to put an end to its extension. For me, it was the best american president, he was so kind and his ideas were just so rightful.. »


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