The southern and northern army

« I remember , i’ll always remember this battle, this desaster, the begining of the end, the end of our nation, the end of our peaceful lives, the beginning of this terrible war… It was in april, the 12 of april 1861.. in South Carolina, Charleston Country. John timbleton mosby , the officer i was supposed to marry and my true love Henry Carter Habbot , who i met when i was 16 , in 1857 meaning that he was 18 , went to this horrible battle, but thank god, they weren’t injured. But dear diary you have to know the whole truth about both of the army. I have to admit that the confederate states contains lots of wilthy families. And our army was very competent , we had military genes in our blood , it is part of our tradition , our people are very trained. The officers that you meet are most likely southern that’s why during the first year of the battle , we were strongly advantaged since the army was much better , and more trained then the northern…but that was only during the first year. The southern army was used to riding horses ‘ use guns beacause they were hunting before the war began . Even kids were trained to handle guns and bullets and most certainly , we are much more exposed to poverty , distress , tough limits and hard situations and handled much better lack of hygiene , lack of sleep and deprivation wich as hard to handle and to accept by the the young urbain northern recruets , we could also count on british equipement , they were actually on our side. So i can say that there quite a difference between the northern and the southern army because we were consevative , we protected our properties and our families , we cared about tradition and culture . The northens are much more developed , much more smart and was kind of evolved , they had industrial ressources, they had so many contacts eith so many people all around the world , they had ingenieurs who did an excellent job developping the important weapons , they were actually lucky to dispose of the first submachine gunswich actually helped a lot during the civil war. Besides , northerns disposes of more man they we didbut less trained then our men , so months went by and the northern army became a group of professionals well trained and well equiped »


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