The Antietam Battle : I thought it was the End

 »The bloody battle of antietam is the first big clash that stayed in our hearts , in our souls , in our minds because this war made so many victims , so many officers lost their lives , i even prayed for them  . It was actually the first battle that took the place in the union territory and it happened in september, 17th , 1862 near sharpsburg and antietam creek in the state of Maryland » In fact , this battle is ’til today the bloodiest battle in the united states history with 22,717 victims.  » The confederate army of north virginia  commanded by Robert E. Lee who is in fact one  of the most important and most competent , trained , conservative general   of this war. We must be really proud of him because he played an important role in this war. So as i said the confederate army of north virginia  entered Maryland on september 3 , 18632 , I remember That day so much because i received a letter from Henry , I think it was his way to say goodbye , he was going to fight , He quikly wrote it , i could notice that his hand was shaking, i could even see a wet spot in the letter  , i guess it was tears , he wrote so many things , the idea of us being apart made him cry , I hid this letter in a box under my bed , so i could read it everytime i miss him. So as i was saying   , the north virgina army got seperated into 2 groups , the 1st one was under the command of Robert E Lee , and they stood in their stagetic spots while the second group under the  command of stonewall Jackson Attacked teh village of Harpers Ferry who is easily conquered . An officer from the union army discovers the battle’s plan in a box of cigars that belonged to Robert E lee , so that’s how they learned that the confederate army divided her forces But Geoorge McClellan, the commander of the union army of potomac , didn’t take any initiative til the upcoming 18 hours . The Army of the Potomac, under the command of George McClellan, mounted a series of powerful assaults against Robert E. Lee’s forces near Sharpsburg, . The morning assault and vicious Confederate counterattacks swept back and forth through Miller’s Cornfield and the West Woods. Later, towards the center of the battlefield, Union assaults against the Sunken Road pierced the Confederate center after a terrible struggle. Late in the day, the third and final major assault by the Union army pushed over a bullet-strewn stone bridge at Antietam Creek » The bloodiest single day in American military history ,  »but the Confederate retreat gave Abraham Lincoln the “victory” he desired before issuing the Emancipation Proclamation. Thank god, Henry did not die ,Yes  he was injured , that feeling of relief , of happiness , that  moment when i realise that my life still have a meaning but that was only the begining of  the war ……..


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