The beginning of the end

 »I..I..just can’t find my words…just can’t explain my feelings right now…my life has no meaning no more..god, why? JUST TELL MY WHY DID YOU TAKE HIM AND NOT ANOTHER??!!! Everything.. is just the fault of this battle, this last battle of this war, on April 9 1865, it was the final engagement of Confederate State Army General Robert E. Lee’s Army of northen Virginia before it surrendered to the Union States. Lee, having abandoned the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginq after the Siege of Petersburg , retreated west, hoping to join his army with the Confederate forces in North Carolina. Union forces pursued and cut off the Confederate retreat. Lee’s final stand was at Appomattox Court House, where he launched an attack to break through the Union force to his front, assuming the Union force consisted entirely of cavalry. When he realized that the cavalry was backed up by two corps of Union infantry, he had no choice but to surrender.                                                                      The signing of the surrender documents occurred in the parlor of the house owned by Wilmer McLean on the afternoon of April 9. On April 12, a formal ceremony marked the disbandment of the Army of Northern Virginia and the parole of its officers and men, effectively ending the war in Virginia. It was also the battle where my dear lover lost his life.. the worst day of my life.. i’m going to marry John in a few days but I don’t want it at  all. Now i’m intended to live in the shade of Henry in this world without love with a husband who don’t have a heart… I’ think that there’s no reason for me to pursue my life…


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